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*Dancers may spend more than one year at each level. Dancers who progress to the next level do so based on the development of their technique, physical strength, flexibility, focus, ability to retain choreography and consistent attendance. Our ultimate goal is for each dancer to be placed in the class that will most benefit their development as a dancer. Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet or Jazz in order to participate in Contemporary, Hip Hop, Modern, or Musical Theater.


Combo 1 - This class is for our Pre-K students. It is an introduction to Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Students are taught the basic of each style in a way that is age appropriate. (60 min.)


Combo 2 - This class is for our Kindergarten through 1st grade students. Each class consists of thirty minutes of Ballet and thirty minutes of Jazz or thirty minutes of Ballet and thirty minutes of Tap.


Ballet (Level 1 - Company) Ballet is a classical dance form, developed in the sixteenth century which focuses on grace and precision. It is performed in ballet shoes and possesses an ethereal quality of movement. (60 or 90 min.) Levels Beginning through Advanced.


Pointe (Level 1 - Company) - This class is by invitation only. This class is for dancers who are at least twelve years of age and possess the strength and proper alignment to perform pointe work. We do not recommend pointe work for dancers younger than twelve as their bones and ligaments have not been fully developed. (60 min.)


Jazz (Level 1 - Company) Jazz was originally made popular in musical shows on Broadway and is performed in jazz shoes. Though the style of jazz dance continues to evolve with each passing year, it emphasizes isolated movement of individual parts of the body and precise footwork. While jazz was also created to rebel against ballet technique, a command of ballet technique is necessary to progress to higher levels of expertise in jazz. (60 or 90 min.)


Tap (Level 1 - Company) Tap dance became popular in the United States during the nineteenth century. The name comes from the tapping sound made when the small metal plates on the dancer's shoes touch a hard surfaced floor. This style of dance is performed in tap shoes and can have a more polished Broadway style or a more grounded style made popular by dancers such as Savion Glover. Levels Beginning through Advanced. Our Adult Tap is for adults who enjoy dancing and are over eighteen years old. (60 min.)


Modern (Level 1 - Company) Modern dance was developed at the turn of the twentieth century with the intent to rebel against the formal quality of classical ballet. It is performed in bare feet and possesses a grounded movement quality. Popular Modern dance creators include Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, Lester Horton, and Paul Taylor. (60 min.)


Musical Theater (Level 1 - Company) This class focuses on a variety of dance styles from Broadway. Dancer must be enrolled in Ballet and/or Jazz to participate. (60 min.)


Contemporary (Level 1 - Company) Contemporary dance is the name given to a group of twentieth century concert dance forms. This class is a fusion of Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, and Modern. We recommend split sole jazz shoes for this class. Dancer must be enrolled in Ballet and/or Jazz to participate. Levels Intermediate through Advanced. (60 min.)


Pre-Pointe This class if for dancers 7th grade or higher who are currently enrolled in Ballet. This class focuses on strengthening the dancer in order to prepare them to go "en pointe" in the future. (60 min.)


Hip Hop (Levels 1 - 2) This style is constantly evolving and is an expression of urban culture. Our approach to Hip Hop is age appropriate and focuses on intricate movement that reflects the music. (60 min.)


Ballet, Jazz, and Tap Levels

Level 1

Grade 1st to 3rd


Level 1A

Grade 2nd to 4th


Level 2

Grade 3rd to 5th


Level 2A

Grade 4th to 6th


Level 3

Grade 5th to 7th


Level 3A

Grade 6th and higher


Level 4

Grade 7th and higher


Junior Company

Grade 7th to 8th


Teen Company

Grade 9th to 12th



Grade 9th to 12th


*For a full list of classes available to each age group, please go to our Schedule page.


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